Assessing Child Safety in the Context of Domestic Violence – for CPS Programs

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This session will provide a basic review of the Safety Framework and an overview of the Specialized Domestic Violence Assessment, focusing on the most salient issues in screening and assessment for front end workers.  Participants will then consider a case example of a family experiencing domestic violence and apply the safety framework to determine whether the children in question are safe or unsafe.  Important issues regarding best practices for visitation and other important decisions, will be touched on but are not covered in depth in this brief session.

As a result of participating in this workshop participants will:

  1. Know the child safety threats most likely to be present when domestic violence endangers child safety.
  2. Know CA policy regarding screening for DV and managing cases where DV is identified, including what information workers must to attempt to collect to properly assess child safety in families impacted by DV.
  3. Improve skills at assessing child safety in cases where domestic violence is occurring.

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Social Workers, Supervisors, Area Administrators

Audience Description

Example: Minimizing Allegations:

Staff who work directly with families in CPS programs, their supervisors and managers will benefit from participating in this course.  Staff and Supervisors who work with families in other capacities involving initial assessment of child safety may also benefit from attending.

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