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Regional Core Training (RCT) is a structured learning program developed for new employees to gain knowledge and skills identified as foundation level competencies. RCT is the initial, intensive, task-oriented training that prepares newly hired Social Service Specialists to assume job responsibilities. An Interim Model of RCT will be offered beginning 4/1/16, Interim RCT starts on the first day of employment and lasts for 30 working days, or the first six weeks of employment. The following four guiding principles can be found throughout RCT coursework, classroom discussion, and field assignments.

  1. Child safety is the paramount concern of all workers within Children’s Administration. Decisions about removal, placement into a particular home, and return home are all safety decisions.
  2. Good decisions are supported by having significant information about the family, child, and issues of concern. Good decisions are made using multiple sources to gather and verify this information.
  3. Collaboration is the rule in child welfare. Collaborative work with families, caregivers, and experts in the community leads to stronger assessments, better plans, and better outcomes. No one can do this work alone.
  4. Permanence and wellbeing are the rights of every child. Our work with families, caregivers, and communities should have the child’s need for safety, permanence, and well-being as its central focus.

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Newly hired social workers and social service specialists. Tribal Social Service Specialists are also eligible to participate in this training program. Note: After hours staff will be allowed up to six months to complete the entire RCT program due to their day schedules.

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